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Friday, September 7, 2012

Status Yang- Berhormat (YB)

Yo! whassup menngg?? Haha.. Hope you guys just fine and stay healthy.. Hee.. Emm.. Actually, this is an entry that I did not plan to post but... There's few juniors asking me to update since my last post was in May 2012 and now we're in September 2012. Quite a long time isn't it? Huhu.. The juniors are Scha Alya & Arni Syuhada.. Thanks to them, for giving me encourage and still support in blogging although I'm a newbie in this blogging world =)

About the tittle, its about debate.. debators.. motion.. P.O.I and so many rules. Debate?? What is it? Me? Why me?? Aigooo.. This is really crazy.. Haishh chincha!  I'm totally out of mind. Dah la 'debate', I mean English Debate.. "OMG" & Oh My Englishh.. !! Hahaha.. Sbb tu la post den dalam bahaso omputeh nieh.. den cubo ni haa nak skiping (speaking) London. Actually, debat ni bukan la bidang PM, jauh sekali pernah bedebat secara rasmi sebelum niey.. Hurmm.. Together with my besties, Hafizi (Pjiekun), Shakirin (Ahmad Ayin) & Nawal Abd Aziz (Isobaric Thermodynamics), I'm started to join the training. Hurmm.. Ottoke?? Ottoke?? Aku ni dah la somebody yg automatically gugup lagi gagap bila berdepan dgn audience. Even masa present assignment depan classmate yg ciput pun da gugup dah.. ni apatah lagi depan audience yg ramai.. Hohoho. Kalo jadik management team bagi team debat boley laa.. kalo debate team itself, i'm not so sure about it.. Ngeee *_* 

Deep inside of myself, PM mmg ada "angan & sedar" (lagu mawi) a.k.a angan2 to be a debator, tapi bila fikir2 balik about myself, "can I do this?" "can I?" Adoyaii.. I don't know whether I can do this or not.. =/   My buddy, Hafizi ada bagitau sampai bila aku nak letak 'barrier' dlm diri? Kita takkan tahu potensi diri sendiri selagi kita tak cuba buat, kan? Sampai bila nak stay gagap depan audience? Time ni la nak latih diri utk be more confident in myself, latih utk bercakap depan audience.. Hmm.. korang pulakk, any suggestions for me? Hadoyaii.. dilemma.. dilemma.. I think what are my buddy has said was true.. ada betul nye & make sense laa.. So I decided to join them in the debate team. Hopefully everythings gonna be alright coz at this point, my CGPA, my Math & my studies need to be focus on. Ya Allah, please guide me in whatever I do.. Aminn..

Hmm.. our coach (Abg Syahmi) said that I have the potential to be a debator. But I know, without work hard & passion, potential itself won't be enough to make me as a debator, right? Or he just said that to encourage me join the team.. =/    *sight   =_="

Okie la guys. I guess I'll end up my entry this time right here ^^ bubyyee.. =)

These pictures was when I'm in a management team..  kalo nak jadi debator tu tak pasti la mampu ke tak..


  1. Alhamdulillah, finally~ you are here :D
    Btw, tahniah. u do ur very best.

    1. Haha.. Hope so la Arni.. susah betoll laa... kena balance dgn study nih.. plus, afieq tak berapa sangat dgn debat nim.. =p